Dear hiring team at Shaw + Scott,

First off, I would like to say congrats on your recent global expansion into Europe. It is refreshing to see agencies expand their services and global reach in a rapidly changing industry.

Secondly, I am very interested in joining you during this growth period at your Portland office. The opportunity to join you as a Digital Analyst is both stimulating and thought provoking.


In my analytics career, it has been made clear that the intersection of marketing and data is the most important scope of the modern business. I am confident that my ability to adapt to changing business rules, present information in a digestable format, and derive valuable customer insights would be challenged and improved through Shaw + Scott's diverse client list.

Thought Provoking

Big, dirty data doesn't scare me. At Shaw + Scott, I am sure there are projects with incomplete information where assumptions must be made on a time crunch. I approach these situations like a scientist, where I first formulate a question from a client's persepctive.


What do we want to measure?

Who is our most valuable client?

Which of our pages contain the most visitor activity?

My experience working with companies across all industries has allowed me to gain a concise view of how this data is structured, the different business rules at play, and the ways in which stakeholders want it presented.

Below, I have provided an overview of my experience and my skills relevant to this position. I have also included work samples and personal projects that showcase some of my skills. Please feel free to reach out via phone or email with any questions if you find my experience to be a good fit for the Digital Analyst position.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Jack T. Hulbert




Project 1

Who: Starbucks

First up, the #ColdFoamCascaraColdBrew. 

A few weeks ago, a barista friend of mine told me about the new drink she has been making @ Starbucks. She went into detail of how Starbucks adopted the cold foam process from small, boutique coffee shops in Portugal and how it was easily the best thing on the menu. Yet, no one had been ordering it..

I was curious & tried the drink myself only to become immediately obsessed. This prompted me to see how others were talking about the new summer item across social and web channels

I see an opportunity for Starbucks to make waves with their new cup concept... #StrawlessIsFlawless anyone?. 

Heres what I found.

Project 2

Who: OpenSesame Customer + Product Insight Survey Analysis

When: August 2017

Project: Design a survey that tracks how much customers use the product and for what purposes. My objective was to identify features that were not being fully utilized and finding patterns among companies of different sizes. Once i dug a little deeper into the data, I learned a lot more than I expected to.

Outcome: This survey and analysis allowed the company to identify under-utilized features of their product across companies of all sizes. I also discovered the why, how, and what events were driving one of the largest customers to detraction. 

 *Due to the sensitive nature of this information, I have hidden all metrics and data. 

Project 3

This one was for fun.

Ever felt impulsive and wanted to send it to the Big Apple for a long weekend on the town? This tool I built will tell you where and when to book your trip based upon your scene(s) of choice, neighborhood, and time of year that you plan on visiting. 

This information could be valuable to those looking to set up street booths for their clothing line, promoting their new CD, or tourists who are out for a night on the town.