Hey Swift, I created this page so your team can get a taste of the kind of data-driven projects Iā€™m working on outside of the office.


In 2018, immigration was by far one of the hottest topics in the US. I perused a few publications from different media outlets to see how they were reporting on the waves of immigration coming to the U.S, primarily where people are immigrating from.

I built this tool using data that I pulled from the USDHS, processed using the pandas library in python, and visualized it in Tableau. Overall, it aims to give the average citizen a snapshot of where and when immigration has primarily occurred in the last four years.

Another topic that overshadowed others in 2018 was that of mass shootings and gun control. Earlier in 2018, I set out to visualize gun violence in a America using crime data collected on a real-time basis. This visualization allows the user to explore the frequency, magnitude, and location of mass shootings in the U.S.

Tools: Tableau & R studio

For the second part of this project, I wanted to generate a world cloud that told the story of which parts of the country have the most frequent occurrences of shootings involving assault weapons. For this piece, I converted my data used for the above dashboard into a text file and created a broad search for the city names with the most records of mass shootings in the dataset.


Just for fun, I pulled data from the New York public database that documents the complaints filed for noise violations and parties in New York City. I wanted to flip this into a story for a young person going to New York for a good time. Basically, I wanted to show where and when are most of these events occurring. Pardon the cheese on this one.
Tools: Tableau