Jack Hulbert (b. 1996) is a visual artist & data journalist working with one foot in the past with his traditional approach to making photographs on silver gelatin while the other is put forward in his work creating data visualizations.

His photographic body of work circulates around his plethoric range of solo travels both across the west coast of the US and abroad, focusing on the intersection of chaos, isolation, and disconcertment. These core themes of his work reflects his experiences oscillating between his roots in the waning towns of Northern Nevada and the concrete jungles of Tokyo, Paris, Stockholm, & Portland.

Jack primarily works with black and white film and an 8x10 view camera. All of his prints are made at The Portland Darkroom.

He resides in Portland, Oregon.

Contact: hello@jackhulbert.com

Photo by Maxine Sferra

Photo by Maxine Sferra